What is muscles food

The right time to eat meals

Choosing the right time to eat muscle lunches plays an important role, and the time before and after exercising is the most important time to eat these meals, as it is recommended that a pre-workout meal includes light carbohydrates that will be used to produce the energy needed as exercise fuel, and moderate amounts of each protein Fat, which will help accelerate digestion, during one to four hours before exercise, while it is recommended to include carbohydrate and protein components in a post-workout meal, with the aim of building and repairing muscles using protein and amino acids. Dah, along with the compensation of what has been lost from glycogen during exercise to take advantage of carbohydrates, taking into account that the date of the meal after exercise either directly or after about two hours; depending on the time of exercise.

Foods rich in protein

Foods rich in proteins are considered essential nutrients for the basic muscles, due to the fact that they are the main ingredient that works to build muscles after doing activities and exercises and benefit their regeneration, and these foods multiply and diversify, where the protein can be obtained from its sources: such as eggs that contain high-quality protein, salmon, And the release of chicken, tuna, and many other sources that provide the muscles with many vitamins and nutrients in addition to protein.


Carbohydrate foods are the quick energy source that provides the fuel needed for the muscles to perform their activities, but it is important to go in the right direction when choosing the appropriate ones, and it must be noted that foods that include whole grains are a good option, including brown rice and whole wheat bread, as these include They are made up of fiber and protein, along with their healthy carbohydrate content.

Fats and oils

Muscles need fat and oils to complete the process of building them and feeding them in a healthy and proper way, but it is important to pay attention because the unsaturated fats and oils, which are found in biscuits and pastries, are unhealthy, and it is necessary to move towards eating foods that include monounsaturated fat, such as virgin olive oil In the same context, the saturated fats that red meat contain help increase the production of testosterone, which has an effective role in building muscle, along with other muscle building components such as iron and zinc, and it should be mentioned that omega-3 acids are important It is also in the building process, and it can be obtained by eating salmon.

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