Ways to exercise at home

Playing sports

Exercising is one of the important things to maintain the health of the body and mind together, not to mention the benefits of sport for mental health, as the body gets rid of nervous pressures after exercising, which makes the person feel comfortable and relaxed, and there are many ways of exercising between joining gyms and the possibility of exercising at home, and in this The article will talk about ways to exercise at home.

Ways to exercise at home


Walking is the most popular sport that a person can perform, as it is a means of movement and movement, so it is possible to roam in the areas of the house or the roof of the house, or the outdoor garden, while the wide balconies are available for some homes, and they can be used for the benefit of movement and walking, and those who wish to do home sports can The internal or external stairs go up several times during the day, which brings great benefits to the muscles of the legs and various body parts.

Topical running

Running or running in the house is not easy, because the place is narrow, and full of furniture, and the floor of the house is not even flat to do so. In contrast, local jogging is a good solution as long as it comes to the home, so the person counts the duration of his running as five minutes or Ten minutes, choose anywhere in the house, and to increase the enjoyment of the matter can use music or invite family members to share it.


A person can jump in the house for fun and at the same time practicing sports, whether jumping on a rubber surface or jumping rope in one of the spacious rooms in the house or in the garden, and it is known that this type of exercise supports the health of the heart and blood vessels, and promotes The blood circulation activity in the body, it burns calories, and strengthens and tightens the muscles of the body, and thus leads to a tight and consistent body.


Dancing is no longer a means of expressing joy during social events or folk festivals only, but it has become a more enjoyable opportunity to exercise and stimulate the body’s blood circulation and weight loss as well, and it only needs to play a section of the favorite music of enthusiasm and dance according to the way the person desires and sees it It is appropriate for him, and it is mentioned that some psychologists advise those suffering from depression and a low sense of positive energy by practicing dancing regularly, because of its important role in expelling negative energy and secreting the hormone of happiness.

Weight lifting

We do not mean the heavy weights, but we can use some of the needs and purposes in the home, such as cans of mineral water, or detergents before running out of content that makes up the weight or weight, and the benefit of lifting weights at home is to strengthen the muscles of the hands and tighten them.

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