The best ways to stabilize weight after dieting

Doing exercise

Regular exercise contributes to maintaining weight, as it helps to increase the metabolic rate and burn some extra calories, which contributes to achieving energy balance, meaning that the body burns the same number of calories it consumes, which keeps the weight stable, and has been found In many studies, people who exercise 30 minutes a day after losing weight are more likely to maintain their weight, and it should be noted that exercise is more beneficial when exercising alongside other lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet.

Increase calories gradually

After completing a weight loss diet, it should be stopped gradually, and experts generally suggest adding only 200 calories every week. It is reported that returning to old eating habits is one of the worst things. These habits were the reason for the original weight gain.

Eat the breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast reduces the possibility of eating a lot of food during the rest of the day, and breakfast was also found to be an important factor in maintaining weight according to the National Weight Control Registry; this appeared after more than three thousand were tracked A person who lost the required weight and maintained it for six years.

Increase protein, reduce carbohydrates

Protein can help reduce appetite and promote fullness, as it increases the levels of hormones that stimulate a feeling of satiety, as it reduces the levels of hormones that increase hunger, and in addition it increases metabolism, reduces calories intake, and thus contributes to maintaining weight As for eating a lot of carbohydrates, especially refined foods, such as white bread, white pasta, and fruit juices, it is linked to being overweight and obesity, as these foods do not contain fibers that increase the feeling of satiety and fullness, so limiting the consumption of carbohydrates It contributes to maintaining weight loss and preventing its recovery.

Monitor weight constantly

As studies show that regular weight monitoring contributes to people maintaining their weight, so it is advised to measure it once a week.

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