The best time for exercise to burn fat

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Playing sports

Exercising is very necessary to ensure the health of the body, whatever the age of the practitioner. For a young child, exercise is appropriate for it; until it grows naturally, and the young person must practice it to maintain a harmonious, graceful, and strong body, and men must adhere to it to maintain a healthy body without fat And it is necessary for the elderly to practice it in order to avoid diseases and symptoms of aging.

Failure to engage in any type of sporting activity will expose the person to multiple chronic diseases, and will lead to weight gain which is a major cause of several diseases, including: arterial blockage, as their blockage is a major cause of stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, Neglecting the practice of sport leads to a feeling of constant lethargy, and the mood fluctuation constantly, which affects the individual’s daily life.

The mechanism of fat burning by exercising

A person acquires enough energy for his day through food, and this energy is measured by the unit of joules or calories. The body uses the oxygen it gets in the inhalation process in order to burn food after eating it, so the energy that the body uses in its daily activity increases, so if the amount of energy exceeds what is Required on the day, this energy turned into fat that is stored in the body to be used at a later time when the body needs energy, but if the energy gained is less than the required daily amount, the body will burn the fat stored in the body earlier to replace the energy it needs.

When a person exercises in sport, he increases his need for energy, that is, calories per day, and for this the body will burn stored fats, but this only happens if the amount of food consumed and the energy it produced is equivalent to or less than the required daily amount, but if it exceeds it, there Two possibilities: Either no result occurs; this occurs when the amount of effort exerted is equal to the amount of excess food, or the other possibility is that energy is stored in the form of fat in the body, and that when the amount of food consumed exceeds the effort exerted, it is deduced from what was previously if the person wantedTo burn fat, he must reduce the daily consumption of food, or double the daily effort, such as: exercising, or doing both to get the best result.

It is a common mistake among those who exercise to lose weight not to exert enough effort during exercise, thinking that just moving the members of their bodies a few movements for five minutes is enough to burn fat in their bodies, where they consume a few calories, which are not enough to make the body burn what it has, Even after some exercise, some reward themselves with eating hearty meals, which will make the matter worse, and they will backfire on them, so they will gain more weight.

The best time to exercise

If exercise is exercised in its correct form and time, it will be the ideal solution for burning body fat, in addition to giving the body the ability to continue burning fat even after completing its practice. Studies in this field have emphasized the importance of starting exercise at certain and thoughtful times to achieve The biggest benefit of them is in the field of losing weight and burning fat, but many sports practitioners are unaware of the importance of choosing the correct time for that, which keeps them unable to burn fat and lose weight, even with a fast and continuous pattern of exercise.

Doing exercise early in the morning

It is preferable to start exercising immediately after waking up from sleep and before breakfast, as the study published by the University of Northumbria in this field confirmed that individuals who start exercising in the morning and before breakfast burn fat by 20% higher than those who exercise after eating breakfast, and that Their bodies did not require excessive amounts of food to compensate for the morning activity that they underwent, as was the case with the other group who ate breakfast before exercising, and the study emphasized the necessity of drinking water or fresh juices during exercise to avoid exposure to conditions Fainting or exhaustion, with the need to take into account the health condition, especially for those who suffer from diabetes, as they should consult a doctor who specializes in its practice.

Exercise in the evening

The evening time is one of the times when exercise is preferred, as the muscles are at their best flexibility, and the lungs are largely active, which contributes to raising the level of metabolism and metabolism of the individual, and this leads to an increase in the body’s activity and consumption of energy and burning fat, with care To avoid sleep after completing exercise, as the body needs a period of rest after exercise to avoid exposure to insomnia or difficulty sleeping that occurs as a result of the high rate of stress hormone during exercise, which in turn is an important factor in the metabolism and burning process Fats.

Exercise before eating

Exercise before eating helps to reduce appetite towards food, which leads to a decrease in the amount of food that an individual consumes in each meal, and sport reduces feelings of fatigue and fatigue; that is, exercise before eating helps to raise the level of body energy, improve mood and psychological, and raise The mental energies of the individual for the remainder of his day.

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