The best bodybuilding diet

Bodybuilding its not only exercises you can perform within the club, but it is a lifestyle that depends on following healthy patterns in nutritional and motor habits, and bodybuilders must believe special diets that contribute to putting together muscle tissue, and are low in fat and sugars at an equivalent time to urge the simplest results from exercises.

The best bodybuilding diet

Here we review the simplest diets to urge strong muscles and a sports body, as follows:

The basic elements

One program cannot be developed for everyone due to the difference in the nature of each body in terms of weight, muscle and fat proportions, and consequently the need for quantities of nutrients from one person to another, and in general each player must reduce the amount of spices and salt in the food as much as possible while reducing eating Sugary foods and adding white sugar to drinks.

Also, the bodybuilder must obtain a greater number of meals due to the nature of the body and the special physical activity he engages in. Five daily meals can be adopted in the diet to replace lost calories and provide the body with the energy needed to form strong muscle masses.

The golden rule for any bodybuilder is to drink a lot of water, whether the player is following a diet or not. Drinking water carries oxygen and nutrients through the blood to different body tissues, however it is not preferred to drink large quantities before and during exercise to avoid feeling nauseous, either. The amount of water required to drink daily is about three liters, additionally to juices, fruits and vegetables.

Suggested diet

This diet is proposed for people who weigh less than eighty kilograms, so quantities can be increased in each meal in the event of weight gain or in the absence of proteins and nutritional supplements, and this system is useful in developing muscle mass significantly, which is as follows:

  • Breakfast consists of an amount of oatmeal plus a cup of milk, two boiled eggs with brown bread, one orange or any other available fruit.
  • The second meal two or three hours after breakfast, a snack consisting of skim milk, a quantity of nuts like almonds or cashews, and a fruit.
  • Lunch should contain the appropriate amount of protein, preferably eating white meat without fat, such as chicken breasts or turkey, with a plate of brown rice or bread, and the fruit of boiled potatoes.
  • Before exercise, a snack consisting of a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter can be obtained to provide the body with energy during the exercise.After completing the exercise, you should eat one or two bananas and a piece of pure tuna meat, in addition to the nutritional supplement if used.
  • Dinner is preferably light and consists of a plate of green salad and a cup of skim milk.

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