#Stayhome .. Is it safe to exercise outside during the outbreak of the Coronavirus?

Experts revealed that with a high incidence of coronavirus people, exercise is recommended at home, according to a report published on the “mirror” website.

The report pointed out that, in light of the spread of coronavirus, the increase in the number of people infected with it, and the trends of countries in the commitment of home citizens, many people isolated themselves, and avoided dealing with anyone to preserve themselves, and avoid infection with corona.

The report added, therefore, that people who are accustomed to exercising daily in the open air feel a state of discomfort as a result of not having to do this thing again, because it may expose them to infection with coronavirus.

Crystal Watson, a doctor from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, explained that exercising is a good trick in strengthening the immune system and reducing coronavirus infection, so if you have a garden in your home you can do exercise in it, but in case you do not have it, you can Exercise inside the home, in order to keep you and your family healthy from chances of infection with coronavirus.

The report pointed out that exercise is the first goal is to obtain fitness, and also to reduce weight gain, as it is important to maintain a healthy mind and body significantly, so you have to do exercise daily in a house.

The report added, that you can follow the best exercises through the Internet, so you should watch the exercises and do them at home instead of going to the gyms, or exercising on the street.

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