Simple and wonderful exercises to tighten the abdomen

Many women seek to improve stomach health and fitness, and instead of having a tight, flat stomach with many drugs or diet regimens, you can get them with minimal effort through some exercise.
Here are simple, great exercises to tighten the stomach:

Improving the movement of standing and sitting:

Get rid of the floppy pose or the wrong sitting session that brings the stomach forward so that your abdomen looks better, less flabby, and falls without much effort causing you the fatigue.

To improve your sitting, align your ears with your shoulders, your shoulders with your hips, your knees with your hips, and your knees with your ankles level, and keep your shoulders as flat as your shirt, then pull your abdomen from the navel to your spine.

Thinking of the whole body when exercising:

Do not get involved in abdominal exercises that ignore you and keep you away from other muscles in your body, then ignore them, so you will be better if all of your core muscles are solid, sturdy and firm, including the buttocks and back muscles, in addition to the arms and legs, Pilates exercises are a system of light exercises. You do it while you are lying on the back to stretch and stretch the muscles, with the goal of improving position and flexibility.

This task can also be done through a training course similar to the exercises that are offered in the soldiers’ camp. You can also use a personal trainer if needed. Are you a beginner in conducting the exercises? Then start slowly, and if you have a health problem, consult your doctor first if you can do these exercises.

Light twisting as if rowing in a small boat:

Stand straight and feet apart, close your fingers like in a strong fist, release an exhale or a sigh, and deviate with hands, arms, shoulders, and chest to the left as if you were rowing in a boat, at the same time as you lift your left knee up and to the right, Take a breath and return to the starting position, release the exhale and make the movement to the right, keep switching between the right side and the left side 20 times.

Move the cat kicking:

Stand with feet apart next to each other, lifting arms at your sides like the wingspan of the plane, release exhalation and raise the right leg forward and upward, at the same time as you move the arms forward at the shoulder level and round your spine, like a cat you should feel as if The abdomen from the navel is pulled in towards the spine, breathe and straighten your back and return to the starting point. Repeat this exercise with the left leg. Switch between the sides 20 times.

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