Ruptured back muscles

Back muscles rupture

Rupture of the back muscles is one of the most serious injuries that a person may be exposed to, and athletes usually suffer from them because of their dependence on physical activity that depends on the muscular system in the body represented by cartilage, bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The muscles are muscle bundles that contain fibers that form It is a strand of muscle fibrous muscle fibers, and it is formed by muscle cells that consist of protein strands that have the feature of diastole and contractility.

Muscle rupture is defined as the occurrence of partial or total damage to the muscle tissue, and as a result of injury to external bruises, and occurs due to the movements made by the basketball player or foot, or because of a weight increase exceeding the absorptive capacity of the muscle tissue, or by the severity caused by the performance of exercises, where Muscle tear is accompanied by the occurrence of bloody bleeding, the intensity of which varies according to the amount of torn tissue and the torn muscle.

Methods of treating back muscle rupture

Immediate treatment for muscle rupture

The PRICE principle must be followed in order to reduce the severity of the damage caused by muscle rupture, and to speed up the healing process, as it depends on the minutes directly following the injury. The PRICE principle is as follows:

  • Protection: by removing the affected part from any symptom it may encounter, as well as away from the rest of the body in order to reduce the severity of the pain.
  • Rest: It is advised that the person stops exercising until he recovers.
  • Ice: Ice cubes are wrapped with a piece of cloth placed on the site of the injury, taking care not to put ice directly on the injury to avoid a change in the color of the affected area to blue or red, and local anesthesia also works for the site of injury and pain.
  • Compression: Compression ligaments are placed in order to reduce the amplitude of the veins, reduce blood circulation activity in order to reduce the occurrence of bleeding, and reduce pain, as the affected part is compressed from thirty to sixty minutes, then the pressure is then relieved to avoid numbness caused by the lack of oxygen reaching the area Bound.
  • Elevation: aims to reduce the amount of fluid accumulated in the area of ​​injury, as the lift is above the level of the heart for the first three days of injury.

Natural remedy for muscle tear

  • Water therapy, whether with a shower, swimming or mineral eyes.
  • Tensile therapy by using ointments and muscle-tightening drugs to reduce pressure on the nerves and tightening the contracting muscles.
  • Massage therapy to stimulate blood circulation to the back, thereby eliminating muscle strain and contraction.
  • Treatment using the nerve stimulation method by placing the electrode on the back area in order to reduce the intensity of pain, in addition to using the current with Chinese needles, and the duration of treatment is forty-five minutes in three stages on a daily basis.

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