Protein damage to bodybuilding

Protein and bodybuilding

Protein is an important nutritional component for bodybuilders, as it is the primary responsible for building muscle. When players in this sport practice their stressful and destructive exercises of muscle fibers, they eat very high amounts of protein either through eating or through new supplements with muscle. , And it gets stronger and bigger than it was before the exercise.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining protein with high quantities of food, and the fact that the protein present in food is usually slow digestion most of the time, bodybuilders resort to the use of industrial protein (which is usually extracted from whey) because it is cheap compared to the price of food quantities required to meet the daily need of the player Bodybuilding is protein, in addition to being concentrated and rapidly absorbing, so the muscle is rebuilt immediately after its demolition rather than waiting for food to be digested.

Beginner bodybuilder needs about 100 grams of protein per day, and the amount of protein required varies depending on many factors, the most important of which is the intensity of the daily effort in exercising, in addition to the weight of the player, and if the bodybuilder does not address his daily need of protein, he will not benefit from Exercise at all, and even that there is a possibility of counterproductive results, which is the destruction of the muscle and its weakness as a result of fatigue with exercises and not rebuilt.

Synthetic protein

Industrial proteins are considered one of the most important nutritional supplements that athletes rely on, especially heavy weight lifting sports such as bodybuilding and strength sport (English: Power lifting), where its shape (in most cases) comes in the form of a powder that is added to the water by the user by a scoop With specific dimensions, the components are then mixed by shaker (English: Shaker) or mixer to dissolve the powder in water, and then produce a ready-to-drink liquid. Some cooks add protein powder to their food in order to provide them with healthy nutritional qualities, in addition to the fact that most types of protein contain a pleasant flavor.

Types of industrial proteins

Types of industrial protein differ in terms of its effect; some industrial proteins are limited to the presence of only the concentrated protein, while there are industrial proteins that contain high levels of carbohydrates in addition to protein in order to increase the mass of the body if the athlete finds it difficult to gain weight, and these types are called Protein mass gain proteins (English: Mass Gainers).

The synthetic protein product differs from another product with the amount of protein granted to the body in each use, so this amount ranges between 25 grams of protein and 60 grams of protein (and this number may increase in some products), where the main reason for the difference is due to the source of the protein extraction (some proteins They are extracted from whey, some are eggs, and many other protein sources).

Protein damage to bodybuilding

Perhaps the many health benefits of protein do not come without return. Too much protein intake (both industrial and non-synthetic) causes poisoning called protein poisoning (English: Protein Toxicity). The symptoms of this poisoning include the following:

  • Nausea.
  • Fatigue.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Kidney damage.
  • Diabetes (due to kidney damage).
  • Heart disease (caused by kidney damage).
  • Permanent high blood pressure (caused by kidney damage).

Where any diet containing excessive amounts of protein will lead to chronic damage in the body, in contrast to the expected results of eating protein ideally.

Artificial body damage for bodybuilding

Excessive intake of industrial proteins, and not drinking enough quantities of water may lead to many untreatable health damages. Industrial protein harms include protein damage in general, but the likelihood of these damages doubles due to the fact that industrial proteins contain concentrated amounts of protein. Among the damages that are specific to synthetic protein are the following:

  • kidney stones.
  • overweight.

Kidney stones, if not treated, lead to kidney failure, as the kidneys stop completely from functioning, and the patient is forced to wash the kidneys on a daily basis.

Avoid damaging industrial proteins

To take advantage of the benefits of industrial proteins, while reducing the rate of any damage, the user of these products must stick to some matters while using them. Some of the medical advice that is preferred to adhere to when using synthetic proteins is the following:

  • Drink large quantities of water in separate batches during the day.
  • Eat the required amount of proteins without propagation.
  • Not only eating the daily need for protein through nutritional supplements, but also introducing high protein-beneficial foods into the diet.
  • Perform routine medical checks, such as blood tests, periodically.
  • See a doctor immediately if you feel kidney pain or any abnormal symptoms.

Fraud in selling nutritional supplements

It is always preferable not to buy any food supplement from unknown companies, and to read the end date of the product from the package before purchasing it, in addition to staying away from any seller of these products that are not approved or unreliable, as there are some sellers of these products who falsify the expiration dates to avoid damaging them; As the industrial proteins disappear their usefulness and even become harmful if they expire. Fraud of some sellers has come to counterfeit the whole product by filling the packages with unknown powders with added flavors, and it is preferable to notify the responsible authorities if such sellers are found.

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