Pilates exercises to lose fat and buttocks

It has become common among women to accumulate significantly fat around the abdomen and buttocks, as they suffer from asymmetric body shape, as a result of eating randomly, not exercising, etc.

If you want to regain a fit body and slim figure, here are the wonderful Pilates exercises to lose fat accumulated in the abdomen and buttocks with ease.

Leg exercise

It targets the muscles along the sides of the abdomen and also repeats 10 times. Lie on your back and clip your hands behind your head, turn to the left to raise your head, neck, and shoulder from the ground. At the same time, take a breath, then turn your torso and raise your right knee toward your chest, then extend your left leg toward the floor without touching it.

Reverse directions without lowering your head and shoulders, bring your left knee toward your chest and at the same time to wrap your right shoulder towards your left knee, then extend your right leg.

Neck exercise

This exercise repeats 10 times in a row and it is one of the few exercises that will really help you lose a rumen.

Sit with your legs extended, extend your torso to straighten your spine, clasp your hands behind your head and try to tighten your neck down with keeping your back straight than in the picture for as long as possible, and when you feel that your back cannot stay straight for a longer period, gradually return to the previous position gradually so as not to hurt your back.

Back exercise

This exercise targets every muscle in the pelvis and back, and burns fat around the waist and abdomen.
And this exercise is done 5 times in a row by sitting on the floor with the legs stretched, and it starts by sitting in the position of half of the person sitting on a bench with a shrinking of the abdominal muscles, and then raise the legs at an angle of 45 degrees, and extend the hands parallel, then keep this position a little and then return to a point Beginning gradually.

Pelvic exercise and back fat burning

This exercise contributes to the formation of stronger muscles in the pelvic area and also helps to burn the fat of this region significantly, repeat this exercise 20 times in each direction.

Sit up straight, put your back a little back, stretch your hands backward without bending them, stretch your legs forward and raise them straight upward with a degree 45 and they are attached to each other. Then draw a circle in the air with your legs, then reverse the direction and draw the circle in the opposite direction.

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