Muscle drying exercises

Muscle drying

Muscle dryness falls under bodybuilding, and differs from muscular amplification in the trainee’s pursuit of burning the accumulated fat around all muscles without neglecting any of them, highlighting the natural size of the muscles and their natural divisions, without the need to increase in their size or amplification, and is taken into account when practicing exercises to muscle muscles A special diet free of fats and carbohydrates with the possibility of obtaining a few sugars as a source of energy, and reliable food supplements can be used to make up for the deficiency in nutrients and vitamins to which the body is exposed.

Muscle drying exercises

The trainee who wants to dry his body muscles needs to adhere to a specific training program for a sufficient period until the muscles are dried up, and the training program that will be illustrated in the following extends over six days of exercises and continuous exercises without separation or rest between them, with the possibility of obtaining a full day of rest after The six days have passed, and to make it easier for the trainee, he will have to attend the training program from Saturday to Thursday with a break on Friday.

  • Saturday: Three chest muscle exercises.
  • Sunday: three exercises for the dorsal muscles.
  • Monday: three shoulder muscle exercises.
  • Tuesday: three leg muscle exercises.
  • On Wednesday: Three exercises for the biceps, the other three for the muscles of the tris and the other three for the forearms.
  • On Thursday: One hour to a third of cardio exercises.

The training program includes three specific exercises for each of the important muscles of the body, and each of these three exercises includes five stages, and the trainee must use the maximum weight he can bear during the first three stages with re-training 8 to 12 times in each stage, As for the remaining two phases, the trainee moves gradually towards lighter weights with re-training at each stage from 12 to 20 times, depending on the endurance’s ability to endure, and the break between each exercise and another will be between one to three minutes, with the need to rest between each stage And another between half a minute to a minute, and y As to avoid situations of stress muscles and the ability to follow-up exercises until the last stage.

Tips during muscle drying exercises

One of the important things to consider when doing muscle drying exercises:

  • A warm-up is required before you start with the drying exercises, and it is advised to do the abdominal exercises when completing each training day.
  • In the event of a large fat around the abdomen, it is preferable to practice cardio exercises for a quarter of an hour a day, including rope jumping, running and bike riding exercises.
  • Get enough water during training.
  • Weights are used for exercise according to endurance.

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