Morning exercises to lose weigh


Exercise is one of the most important and beneficial things for the health of the body, so that it helps it to carry out its various vital operations and functions; therefore we will address here the most prominent exercises that help to slim the body and reduce fat and accumulated fat in it as a result of eating unhealthy foods and not exercising , Which can be practiced in the morning, and includes the following.

Morning exercises to lose weight

Ball Exercise: It is intended to pass the ball between the hands and feet, and includes the following steps:

  • Bring a ball, preferably large.
  • Lie on the floor and raise hands in order to catch the ball.
  • Lift the body using the abdominal muscles, with the feet fixed.
  • Pass the ball between the two legs and catch it.
  • Repeated lifting of the body with hands fixed.

Touching the foot: It is practiced as follows:

  • Sleeping on the floor, raising legs on the wall, for example.
  • Touching the left leg ankle with the right hand, as well as the opposite
  • Repeat the exercise between twenty to thirty times, and rest between these times.

Mind training: includes the following steps:

  • Hold hands on sides of the body using a specific armrest.
  • Lift the body to the top.
  • Lift the legs so that it touches the chest area.
  • Repeat the exercise fifteen times, and take a break between five exercises.

Leg lifting exercise: It can be practiced as follows:

  • Sleep on the floor.
  • Lift the knee so that the knee is tight.
  • Repeat the exercise thirty times.

Waist lifting exercise: The steps are as follows:

  • Lie down on the floor with the legs straight and both hold them well, and another person can be used to fix them.
  • Make the hands tangled back from the head.
  • Raise half of the upper body to the front, or sit with the right angle.
  • Repeat the exercise thirty times.

Compression exercise: It includes the following:

  • Lie on the abdomen with legs and hands raised.
  • Lift and drop the body more than once.
  • The right hand can be raised in line with the left leg for several seconds, and then drop to the body several times in a row.
  • Repeat the previous steps from ten to fifteen times, taking a break between times.
  • Bearing in mind that this exercise should not be practiced quickly.

weight loss tips

Not only is it sufficient to exercise, it must be accompanied by a set of guidelines and includes the following:

  • Reducing the amount of fat and sugar consumed.
  • The need for kinetic activity.
  • Increase your intake of water and fluids. It is recommended that you eat at least eight glasses a day.

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