Inject muscle and what it does to your body

Muscle injection

Muscle acne and its attractive appearance, washed them to the hole using protein injections and hormones, which increase the size of the muscle, and the injected muscle is exactly like a balloon filled with air, and was the first beginning of injection in Italy in the eighties of the last century, by discovering the drug esiclen that beat all Problems affecting muscle building, then synthol, which was invented by German Chris Clark, appeared, and these injections are taken frequently until the athlete gets the appearance he desires.

Injection components

Injections mostly consist of a series of triple glycerin oils of 85%, anti-inflammatory, and pain relievers, to spare the individual from drug pain, and spare the muscle from reactions resulting from the drug, the proportion of anti-analgesics and analgesics by 7.5%, and benzene alcohol by 7.5%.

Muscle injection damage

In general, it remains in the muscle from 50% to 70% of the syringe substance, and the remaining substances are absorbed by the body, causing it many damages:

  • Damage and weakness also to the muscle circulation and the part that was injected.
  • Clear distortions are visible in the general shape of the injected organ and the body in general.
  • The organ is paralyzed due to pressure of the drug substance on the nerves of this organ.
  • Limb circulation, limbs, increased incidence of heart diseases.
  • The incidence of various cancer diseases increases.
  • Muscular tissue swelling, due to the wrong, improper injection method. Swelling is accompanied by severe pain in the area of ​​infertility, ulcers and blistering, and it may get worse for the athlete to undergo surgery.
  • The injected muscle is distorted, if the injection is improperly.
  • If this drug causes great harm and severe pain to the athlete, he is at risk of cutting off the injected organ; Because extracting this substance from the muscles is very difficult.
  • These injections greatly affect the calmness and serenity of the psyche, so the injected athlete becomes moody and agitated.
  • An enlarged prostate, this is usually benign, and these injections may cause infertility in men.
  • Increases the risk of men developing breast cancer.
  • Sloth caused the gland to secrete male hormones, so the gland lost its ability to secrete hormones well.
  • Exposing the brain, liver and heart to many diseases.

The most injectable muscle

The front biceps muscle.
The triceps muscle.
The triceps shoulder muscle is called the deltoid.

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