How to use protein for bodybuilding

Protein is a complex of organic compounds, and has a high level molecular weight. It is composed of some amino acids that are bound together through a peptide bond. The protein is one of the necessary compounds in the composition and functions of living cells, in addition to the composition of viruses, and the entry of many proteins into the composition Enzymes, in addition to their structural and mechanical role as forming joints and supports in the cellular structure, and protein have an important and vital role in the immune response, transport and storage of biological molecules, and protein is a source of amino acids in relation to living organisms that Y cannot form these acids themselves, and the protein is divided into two parts: there is animal protein, and vegetable protein, and the protein is considered one of the huge abiotic molecules with polysaccharides, nucleic and fatty acids, where all this group forms the components of the living basic substance, and these living cells contain compounds and elements Simple and complex chemical, as it is important in the survival of cells such as potassium, sodium, chlorine, sugars, starches, fats, and proteins.

Protein for bodybuilding

Protein is involved in building and building muscles, bones, nails, skin and cells. In addition, protein intake helps the muscle recover quickly after exercise. There is a so-called synthetic protein. It is an easy to prepare powder that requires preparation only with water and a mixer.

The bodybuilder inflates his muscles by straining them with exercises designed to stretch and exhaust them, so the muscle fibers begin to collapse as a result of the great muscle effort exerted on them. That is why the bodybuilder takes large amounts of protein daily, either through food, or from the proteins produced, such as Whey Protein, and the two sources differ in terms of the amount of protein in them, and the speed of protein absorption, as well. Of the time required for digestion.

It takes a longer period for the natural protein (food source) to be digested in the digestive system than the protein produced, where the time taken for digestion and absorption by the muscle fibers is estimated at 4 hours, this is one of the reasons for resorting to the produced proteins, the other and most important reason is that the amount of net protein present In every use of the produced proteins it is greater compared to food, so it eliminates one or more whole meals.

Many protein products contain several beneficial types of amino acids that the muscle needs, so that producers add these amino acids in specific quantities. Muscle fibers benefit from several types of amino acids and not only one type, and the types of amino acids present in food cannot be varied in form and quantities It is required to gain the muscle in the greatest possible way. The protein content in a product differs from another product, and its absorption speeds also vary by muscle. The amount of protein contained in one scoop ranges between 20 grams to 60 grams, depending on the product. Some protein products contain large amounts of carbohydrates to increase the weight of people who are unable to gain weight, and these products are called weight gain protein.

The body’s need of protein

0.8 grams of protein are taken per one kilogram of the total body weight, for example: if a person’s body weight is ninety kilograms, he needs 72 grams of protein per day, and this amount is suitable for the average person, and for a sports person, the minimum amount of protein is 0.8 grams per pound of weight, and if it weighed 90 kilograms, he must eat approximately 160 grams per day of protein.

It is necessary to allocate approximately 15% calories from protein sources per day, as one gram of protein provides four calories in the average person, and for the athlete, the ratio must be 30% of the protein sources per day.

How protein bodybuilders eat protein

The product is in the form of a water-soluble powder, measured in the scoop in the product package, and prepared in the following steps:

  • Fill the scoop completely with protein powder.
  • Pour the powdered powder into the scoop in the shaker or in a blender for the juices.
  • Repeat the previous two steps if the required quantity has increased.
  • Add half a liter of water to the powder, and increase the water by increasing the amount of powder spilled.
  • Shake the shake container until all the ingredients are dissolved in water, or use a blender to do this.
  • The resulting compound is drunk, preferably in stages, to avoid stomach swelling.

Foods containing protein powder

Because of the great benefit of protein products and the delicious flavors that its producers place, some cooks have resorted to preparing foods that contain protein powder, which can be added to sweets such as cakes, or chocolate, and it can also be added to some breakfast foods, such as pie, or fried eggs, and some add it when Prepare meat, such as ground meat, and hamburger, and some bakers have recently resorted to preparing bread that contains high amounts of protein. Among the benefits of adding protein to food:

  • Avoid bulging stomach and intestines.
  • Vegetarians can get their daily protein requirement by adding a scoop or two of protein to their foods, which keeps them from eating meat, which is the primary source of protein among the foods.
  • Avoid kidney and liver damage.

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