How to stretch your body muscles

Sagging muscles of the body

Sagging body muscles in most people result from rapid weight loss, or a diet for slimming without commitment to exercising that tightens the muscles of the body and dries up fat, while a small percentage of people have the ability to undergo surgeries that tighten the body there are many who cannot This is for many reasons, but there are many steps that can help get rid of the body sagging and tighten the muscles of the body, which is what we will mention in this article.

How to stretch your body muscles


Gaining a tight body includes muscles, setting up a diet program with the help of a nutritionist, and this program should include getting less calories, burning more calories stored in the body through exercise, and daily meals should be divided into six Snacks, every two to three hours are eaten as a meal. Depending on this eating pattern increases metabolism to burn more stored fats, and a good diet contains 45-65% of carbohydrates, 10-35% of proteins, and 20- 35% of the fat.

Consume more protein

Protein tightens the body and removes it from the excess fat in it, and thus builds the tight muscles. By consuming more protein, it is intended to reduce carbohydrates and fats in return. The body, the most important source of protein: low-fat red meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products.


  • Exercising for at least thirty minutes helps to stimulate the muscles of the heart, burn fat, and tighten the body, and is one of the best aerobic exercises to achieve that running, swimming, and boxing, as these sports are effective in burning calories.
  • The use of strength in exercising exercises related to stretching muscles, and can be relied upon for periods of three to four days per week, and the choice of 6-10 exercises each day from strength exercises divided into three groups each group practiced 8-12 times.

Tips to tighten the muscles of the body

  • Reducing the quantities of salt consumed.
  • Reducing the rate of sugar consumed.
  • There are no pills to polish the body, and they are all just promotional and marketing advertisements.
  • Commitment, and perseverance, because positive results cannot be achieved in two or three days.
  • Relying on a gradual loss in weight rather than getting off quickly.
  • Using collagen rich in materials to tighten the muscles of the body.
    Drink plenty of water.

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