How to strengthen the hand muscles

Hand grip exercise

The hand grip exercise is used to strengthen the muscles of the hand, as follows:

  • Gently grip the hand and close it with your thumb.
  • Leave the hand held for 30 to 60 seconds, then open it and stretch the fingers.
  • Repeat the exercise at least four times in both hands.

Yoga exercises

Hand muscles can be strengthened by doing some yoga exercises as follows:

  • Clamping the fingers from the front (front of the body).
  • Put the elbows on the side and not move them.
  • Moving interlocking hands inward in movement number eight in English.
  • Allow the wrists to move around in a position that makes hands on top of each other.
  • Exercise for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Take a break, and then start again.
  • Sitting, raising the arms above the head and clasping the fingers of both hands together.
  • Lift the interlocking hands and try to reach the ceiling.
  • Keep stretching.
  • Lower the arms down.
  • Movement repetition.

Squeeze the ball

One of the exercises that strengthens the muscles of the hand and improves the strength and grip of the hand, and this exercise can be practiced as follows:

  • Bring any small ball that fits in the palm of your hand, such as a tennis ball.
  • Hold the little ball and wrap fingers around.
  • Squeeze the ball as much as possible and endure the pain.
  • Hold for three to five seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise ten times at the same time.
  • Do this exercise two to three times per day.

Pressing and pressing exercise

Pressing and pressing exercise helps to strengthen the fingers of the hand in a way that increases its ability to hold small and large objects such as pens, necklaces and books, and this exercise can be practiced by pressing with the thumb finger on the other four fingers one by one in order for five seconds per finger, and repeating the pressure three times for each Finger, and be sure to do this exercise once or twice a day.

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