How to start dieting

Set realistic goals

When starting to follow a diet, it is necessary to set realistic goals to lose weight, which can be achieved and reached, instead of setting difficult goals to achieve, some studies have shown that losing small amounts of weight works to improve the health of the body, especially with regard to lowering blood pressure, Blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. It is worth noting that it is necessary to observe the recommended rate for weight loss, which is (0.45-0.91) kilograms per week and not more.

Get started with small steps

The best way to change the diet is to do this gradually, because it is difficult and unhealthy to change the diet suddenly, as some experts suggest one change every week, as this helps to get used to the new food style, and one of the steps that can be followed:

– Changing foods eaten at home as well as abroad, so that meals contain only healthy foods, and you can choose a book or a cooking magazine that specializes in healthy foods that help lose weight.
– Control the calories in the body, by:

  • Gradually replace the high-calorie meals taken during the day, with low-calorie meals, because it is difficult to repair the entire diet in one day.
  • The use of a food magazine that contains the nutritional values ​​of foods and drinks, the amount of calories in each of them, and the quantities that can be consumed daily.
  • Doing exercise such as running, swimming, and thus losing weight.

Understand the nature of the character

Personality and tendencies play an important role towards the type of diet that is appropriate for each individual. Therefore, a plan must be established when starting the diet that fits his preferences and desires. Among these characters:

Impulsive personality: is the character that tends to be impulsive, for example, when you see a pint of ice cream in the refrigerator, you eat it, and it is of course one of the habits that must be disposed of.
Unconscious personality: A personality that tends to eat without awareness or thinking, such as: eating snacks in front of the TV, and if the person wants to control the amounts of greed that he is eating, it is necessary to increase awareness of what is being eaten.
Sharp-tempered personality: She is the one who eats more food when she feels anxious, tense, and depressed.
Stubborn personality: is the character who has the conviction that losing weight is neither difficult nor impossible, and follows directions and advice and adheres to them.
Social personality: A personality that tends to monitor the quantities of food that you eat more than other personalities.

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