Food that increases pressure

The salt

Salt contains sodium, and therefore eating it in large quantities increases blood pressure in humans, because the high levels of sodium in the body cause the body to retain more water so that it can get rid of excess salt, which causes high blood pressure.


It is known that eating large amounts of sugar is linked to the occurrence of some health problems such as obesity and weight gain, in addition to that studies have indicated that people who are overweight or obese are more likely to have high blood pressure, and it should be noted that the American Heart Association (in English) (American Heart Association:) Women are advised not to eat more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, while men are advised not to consume more than 9 teaspoons of it per day.

Canned tomato

The majority of canned tomato products such as tomato sauce, pasta sauce, and tomato juices contain large amounts of sodium, which causes a problem for people with high blood pressure. Low-sodium tomato products can be obtained as a suitable alternative for these people. It is also advised to use fresh tomatoes instead of Its products, as they provide many benefits for heart health.


It is known that saturated and trans fats increase levels of harmful cholesterol in the body, and therefore eating these types of fats leads to a build-up of cholesterol in the blood vessels, which causes them to harden, and thus high blood pressure, and therefore people with high blood pressure must stay away from rich foods With fats, such as full-fat dairy products, red meat, and chicken skin.


Often large amounts of salt are used in the process of preserving foods to keep them from being corrupt. For example, when pickling cucumbers, it absorbs a large amount of salt, so the amount of sodium in it increases significantly, and the longer the period of pickling of vegetables, the greater the percentage of sodium present in them.


Coffee and tea are caffeine-rich drinks, and the consumption of these drinks may cause a temporary increase in blood pressure, by stimulating the heart and blood vessels and increasing the heart rate.

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