Exercises to make your muscles huge

Exercise can be defined as physical activities and movements that a person undertakes to maintain the health and fitness of his body in general. As for the huge exercises, it is a group of physical exercises that target specific areas of the body, for the purpose of obtaining muscle or muscle mass as quickly as possible.

Often the goal of these exercises is for people to participate in international competitions in shows and weightlifting, or improve their mental health and increase their self-confidence and more.

Huge exercise program

Before starting any exercise, it is necessary to do several exercises and movements that improve the flexibility of the muscles in order to avoid muscle strain, as each exercise is divided into 4 groups, and each group repeats 8 times, while the program is as follows:

  • The first day, includes the following exercises:
  1. Chest exercises, including: stretching the oblique, straight, three muscle stretching, pushing oblique weights, straight pressing weights, and the butterfly exercise.
  2. Arm exercises, including: reciprocating weightlifting exercise, a wide triple muscle, a narrow triple muscle, and a weight lifting arm.

The day that follows each day of exercise is a day of rest, and so on for 8 days, including 4 for exercises and 4 for rest. In addition to this sports program, there must be an appropriate nutrition program that takes into account well.

  • The second day, which includes the following exercises:
  1. Exercises for the biceps (Tri) muscle, including: French weightlifting, backlifting, exposing weights, and parallel lifting.
  2. Back muscles exercises include: vertical weightlifting, weighted weightlifting, wide triple muscle, narrow inverse triple muscle, and finally exposing weightlifting.
  • The third day: includes the following:
  1. Arm exercises, including: a wide triple muscle exercise and a narrow three-way muscle, a focal weight lift and an interchangeable counterweight, a hammer that includes: a docked lift, a back triple muscle, then a lean muscle on the horse’s machine, and a triple muscle on the device.
  2. Shoulders exercises, including: front bar exercise and back bar, front and side weight lifting, front pull three muscle, triple grinding muscle, back muscle three, shoulder back lift, weighted front exercise.
  • Day 4, includes the following:
  1. The foot exercises, which are as follows: a 5 * 25 heating exercise, a 7 foot fat exercise, 11 foot calories, front and back foot exercises, stretching exercises, a front triple muscle, and a back lift.
  2. Biceps (Tri) muscle exercises, which include the following: posterior lifting, parallel lifting, French lifting, and exposing weightlifting.

Tips for muscle mass in a short time

  • Lifting the correct weights that make it possible to make the required repetitions.
  • Some people put very light weights and do not benefit from making repetitions.
  • Not to exercise the same muscle for two consecutive days to avoid any rupture.
  • Diversification of exercises and surprise of muscles, when a person feels that the muscle has been fixed in a certain shape and there is no improvement.
  • Eat healthy foods, especially those that are full of protein and carbohydrates.
  • Get enough rest and sleep.

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