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Many people complain that there is not enough time for them to exercise, which makes them avoid them, and makes their lives full of lethargy, laziness, in addition to obesity significantly.

The gym is an ideal place to practice sports under the supervision of sports experts and nutritionists, but with the problem of lack of public time for the vast majority of people, it has become an urgent matter to replace the gym with the exercises themselves at home, especially if individuals have a sports culture that qualifies To do these exercises at home without having a negative impact on individuals.

When you start exercising at home exercises, warm-up exercises are required for a period of no less than fifteen minutes, in order to prepare the muscles for the physical effort that will be made, and to prevent muscle degradation and accelerate the burning processes in the body, and these exercises: walking, jogging, jogging, and bike riding Aerobic. In this article, we will list some of the exercises that apply at home, which contribute greatly to strengthening muscles, tightening the body, and getting rid of flabs in general, and it also gives pleasure and psychological comfort to individuals.

Home exercises

To get rid of belly fat and sagging

  • Stretching on the ground with the legs bent and well attached to each other, then lifting the legs towards the chest area and lowering them to the ground in succession; this exercise is repeated three rounds with twenty repetitions in each round; this exercise helps to get rid of the tics in the lower abdomen, and it strengthens and strengthens the stomach muscles.
  • Laying on the ground with the feet focused on the wall, then beginning to raise the areas of the abdomen and hip up, and then lower it down while keeping the objects upright while performing the exercise.
  • Do a gastric exercise on average four rounds a day, each round twenty-five repetitions.

Lift the thighs and buttocks

  • Climbing up and down the stairs for ten minutes is enough to make up for an hour of walking, if there is not enough room for walking, or there is not enough time for that.
  • Place a chair in a flat place, and then rise and fall for consecutive times quickly. This exercise helps to tighten the back muscles in the legs, and tighten the thigh and the buttocks.
  • Duck walking exercise: It is an exercise that helps tighten the muscles of the legs and thighs and tightens the hip area. It is applied over a wide area of ​​the house by fifteen minutes at a time. Repeat the exercise three times a week.

To get rid of the sagging arms

  • Squeeze the arms to the chest area and then straighten them; this simple exercise is a warm-up for the chest area, and repeated 50 times each round.
  • Carry 1-liter bottles of water, then spread the arms and fold them towards the chest several times, ten times in each round; this exercise helps to tighten the muscles of the arms, and get rid of the sagging skin in it.
  • Holding a bottle of water, or a bag filled with sand and waving it in a circular manner, with ten rounds, with an average of three rounds each time, also helps to get rid of the sagging forearms, and strengthens the shoulder muscles.

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