Creatine benefits for the bodybuilder


There are a lot of questions about what is keratin? And about the benefits it contains, especially for bodybuilders? What are the possible damages to it? And how is the best way to get it?

Creatine is one of the forms of organic acids that exist in the human body, and this acid supplies the various muscles of the body with the amounts of energy that it requires in order to be able to perform physical exercises. It has the ability to give muscle auxiliary fibers with good amounts of energy.

Creatine sources

This organic acid is available in many types of foods, but it is highly concentrated in fish and meat, and this is the main reason athletes are keen to eat fish and meat in abundance. Animal proteins consist of many forms of acids, especially creatine acid.

Also, bodybuilders who reach advanced stages of building muscle mass in the body are not satisfied with the amount of this acid from its sources in animal proteins, so they resort to taking tablets of dietary supplements from this acid to reach the extent that meets their need of it.

Creatine benefits

  • Creatine increases the concentration of protein in your muscles, giving your muscles a faster ability to grow.
  • It reduces the pain that results from exercise, as strenuous exercise causes the muscle to rupture, causing severe pain, and the presence of creatine reduces the percentage of lactic acid that causes this pain.
  • It provides the muscles of the body with a high amount of energy, and this feature is the most famous for this acid.
  • It pulls the water in the muscles.

Creatine damage

  • It causes pain and flatulence in the abdomen, but this problem is a temporary problem for it, as it will disappear when reducing the amount of this acid.
  • It negatively affects the work of the kidneys, so taking it for long periods of time causes damage to the kidneys.
  • Creating creatine as a food supplement in a wrong way affects the health of the body greatly, as the body will get used to this amount of this acid, and thus the amount of acid produced by the body will decrease, and if left to take this acid, many health problems that last for long periods of time will occur.

Types of creatine

Creatine has many types, including monohydrate, cork alkylene, and magnesium chili, and many other than these types, and the reason for the existence of multiple types of this acid is that it is one of the substances that are not in one stable body in the human body, but that most types of creatine transform into a substance known as creatinine, This substance can not be used by the body, which makes there are many different types of this acid and each type of it has many advantages and disadvantages, and the proportion of stability of these types in the body varies greatly.

How to use Creatine

This paragraph describes how to use creatine from the type of monohydrate, and this type is one of the most popular and widespread types, but it must be noted before starting to take this acid that people who want to consume creatine must be at an above average level in bodybuilding sport, and this means that the duration of Exercise is about 6-9 months, and the best way to eat creatine is divided into two stages:

  • The first stage: The duration of it is for a period ranging between 4-6 days, in which the creatine acid is consumed in the amount of 25 grams per day, and this quantity is divided into 5 parts, i.e. 5 grams are taken at a time, and it is better that the time period that separates between each Two equal meals.
  • The second stage: This stage is for 25 days, in which the creatine level is reduced to an average of only 5 grams per day.
  • After the end of the second stage, a break of one month or more should be taken, depending on the nature of the body. Then creatine can be reused again.

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