Bodybuilding nutritional supplement

Creatine supplement

Creatine is produced naturally in the body to supply muscle and tissues with energy, and taking creatine supplement increases the creatine content in muscles by up to 40%, which affects muscle cells and athletic performance, and this also leads to increased muscle acquisition, as shown A lot of research shows that creatine improves muscle strength, which allows for better exercise, and ultimately increases muscle mass over time. In addition, creatine increases the water content of muscle cells, causing it to swell slightly and produce signs of growth. Muscles, and supplementing this may reduce the melting of muscle proteins, and may raise levels of hormones related to growth, such as muscle growth factor “IGF-1”, and recalls that have been studied creatine extensively and found that it is complementary safe.

Protein supplement

Those who want to build their muscles and sculpt their bodies resort to adding protein supplements to the bodybuilding diet because protein plays an essential role in the growth of muscles, and these supplements provide the bodies with large amounts of nutrients, and in general they achieve several benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Protein supplements help to lose fat and extra weight while sculpting muscle mass, as these supplements reduce carbohydrates, improve blood glucose, and thus feel full, and reduce the concentration of triglycerides.
  • Protein supplements reduce muscle pain or muscle dysfunctions quickly, as well as increase endurance.

Beta-alanine supplement

Beta-alanine helps improve athletic performance and reduce fatigue resulting from it. It also helps increase muscle mass in conjunction with following a sports program. One study showed that taking 4 grams of this supplement per day over an 8-week period It increases body mass without fat, and it is reported that beta-alanine helps to reduce the milk acid that is produced as a side-effect of the anaerobic metabolism, which leads to a feeling of heartburn in the case of muscle fatigue, in addition to that it increases the level of “L. carnosin”. L-carnosine) in the muscles, providing the ability to exercise Muscular for a longer period.

Other bodybuilding supplements

There are other nutritional supplements that bodybuilders can take, including:

  • Vitamins or multiple minerals supplementation: These supplements are important for bodybuilders because they ensure that the physical processes are performed correctly, as a lack of vitamins and minerals slows down the muscle building process.
  • Supplementing glucosamine sulfate: supports the work of joints and the formation of cartilage, as maintaining the integrity of the joints is an absolute necessity for bodybuilders, especially in the long run, as carrying heavy loads damages the joints, as it may lead to several injuries over time.
  • Glutamine supplement: The amino acid “L-Glutamine” is the most abundant acid in muscle tissue, but only one exercise may reduce about 40% of the glutamine stores in the muscles, and the glutamine supplement improves performance by increasing Growth hormone production, increase the size of muscle cells, and thus accelerate muscle improvement after exercise.

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