Benefits of apple vinegar with olive oil to lose weight

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Lose weight

Losing weight has become one of the necessary things that many seek, and there are those who only suffer from the accumulation of fat in certain areas, and does not want to follow a diet that reduces all weight, so nutrition experts advise to follow a healthy and balanced diet, while making some recipes for prominent areas such as rumen, Buttocks and chest, and these recipes include the use of apple cider vinegar and olive oil.

Buttocks weight loss

Paint the buttocks with apple cider vinegar and leave it for twenty minutes, then wash it with warm water and repeat it twice a day, and for thirty days.
The buttocks and thighs are rubbed into the brim of the plain coffee in a circular way, as it helps to burn fat, as we repeat it daily and for a month, and it can be kept in the refrigerator for daily use.
Mix half a cup of olive oil with a tablespoon of ground chili and 1 tablespoon of ginger, and apply the buttocks to the mixture once a day early in the morning.

Apple vinegar recipes with olive oil to slim the abdomen

To take advantage of apple cider vinegar and olive oil to slim the stomach, six tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and six other spoons of olive oil are placed in a closed bowl and mix them well, then put the mixture on the abdomen and grease it well, then wrapped it with nylon, this helps to dissolve the rumen fat, in the event that Repeat this mixture every night before bedtime or before starting workout. The difference will be noticed after about ten days of regular use of the recipe.

Another recipe is to drink a spoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water on an empty stomach and before every meal every day and before bed, as this helps prevent the accumulation of fat and fat in the body and around the abdomen and burn it.

Olive oil recipe for slimming

Olive oil is considered one of the aids to dissolve fats, to be used in a correct way. When you put a tablespoon of sugar with another spoon of olive oil in a cup of hot water and drink it before every meal daily, this helps to dissolve the fats in the body, as experiments have proven It is decreasing 17 kilograms within three months.

Mix olive oil and ginger slimming

  • Put the olive oil in a cooking pot over the heat until it boils.
  • Add the grated ginger and leave it for several minutes.
  • Keep it away from the heat and let it cool down, then put it in a package.
  • We put the mixture on the place required to melt the fat from it, and stir in a circular motion.
  • We do exercises for the body to absorb quickly, and its effect is stronger.

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