Amino acids for bodybuilding

Products rich in amino acids. Protein sources and food for bodybuilders

Amino acids

Amino acids are important organic compounds that consist of -NH amine, carboxylic acid -COOH, and contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen elements. In this universe, there are more than 500 amino acids classified according to the functional structure: alpha (α-) , Beta (β-), and gamma rays (γ-), and play an important role in the processes of nervous and vital transport, as they are considered important supplements in muscle building processes for bodybuilding purposes.

Amino acids for bodybuilding


  • Fat burning: It is considered one of the long-chain fatty acids, as it is oxidized to produce energy, and therefore it works to burn fat, in addition to that it reduces fatigue, that is, it helps to restore body fitness.
  • Increased muscle mass: increases the strength of the body, and build strong muscles.
  • Bone protection: It helps all age groups, especially the elderly, and women after menopause to prevent injury from osteoporosis, arthritis, and fractures, and bone is the main component of muscle building and bodybuilding.
  • Other functions: Prevents heart disease, strengthens the immune system, helps treat diabetes, epilepsy, and kidney disease, and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.


  • Increases performance, by increasing the level of energy in the body, as well as increasing the flexibility of the body.
  • It helps heal wounds quickly.
  • It boosts the strength of the immune system and prevents the breakdown of the digestive system in the body.
  • It is found in the muscles by up to 61%, which means that the muscles rely heavily on them to build them.
  • It increases the level of the brain and activates it.
  • It can be obtained from milk and its derivatives, meat, poultry, and fish.


  • It is considered an anti-oxidant and protects against diseases and free radicals.
  • Contributes to burning fat quickly.
  • It contains vitamins C, B1, B2, E, zinc, folic acid and magnesium; these are
  • among the main sources in strengthening the body and building muscle.


  • Helps absorb calcium and build muscle Putin.
  • It helps the body produce enzymes, hormones, and antibodies to keep the body healthy.
  • It helps in recovering from any sports injuries.
  • It helps to grow naturally and strengthen bones.


  • Burn fat.
  • It removes toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system.
  • It helps the growth of the body.


It eliminates depression and thus improves performance during training for bodybuilding purposes.


  • It is used by athletes because of its strong effect on metabolic pathways.
  • It improves athletic performance and reduces fatigue associated with it.
  • Increases muscle strength.
  • Increases wind energy, such as lifting weights.

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