Abdominal fat accumulation: causes and treatment

Accumulation and accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and obesity are serious problems that some women and girls experience, and may cause them health and psychological crises.

Accumulation of fat and fat around the abdominal area means more pain, as it is difficult to remove and get rid of easily. Therefore, there is a lot of search for the reasons that lead to an increase in the accumulation of fat in this region, especially, while seeking to identify the therapeutic methods that contribute to getting rid of this accumulated fat in the abdominal area. Therefore, we made sure today to come in detail about the causes and treatment of the problem of accumulation of fat around the abdomen, so we continued, dear, through the following lines.

Reasons for the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area

1- Age

Most women face several problems with metabolism or metabolism with age, which reduces the level of fat burning in them. Women also face a problem in calculating and controlling the required calories at a certain age, and this causes increased food intake and accumulation around the abdomen. In addition, menopause in women after the age of forty may adversely affect their premature because it leads in the first period to a change in hormone production. This change may result from a decrease or an increase in weight and it is difficult for a woman to maintain her weight during this period.

2- Stress and lack of sleep

You know, my dear, that your feeling of constant fatigue, with lack of sleep and suffering from insomnia constantly, is one of the main reasons that lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. The woman’s constant exposure to extreme fatigue makes the adrenal gland stimulated to produce hormones responsible for the formation of fat in the body, especially the abdominal area, the most important of which are adrenaline and cortisol.

As well as reducing sleep hours and not getting enough sleep, it makes some hormonal changes that cause weight gain. Feeling insomnia and less sleep reduces leptin levels, which increases the levels of ghrelin that causes weight gain.

3- Malnutrition

Not consuming foods rich in dietary fiber causes the accumulation of fat around the abdomen. This is due to the lack of eating foods that contain a high percentage of vitamins responsible for burning fats and eating some harmful foods that lead to weight gain, the most important of which are fatty foods and sugary meals rich in sugars. This is in addition to drinking soft drinks, fried foods, processed foods and sweets in abundance.

Treating the problem of fat accumulation in the abdominal area

1- Doing exercise

Exercise helps burn accumulated fat effectively and increases the basal metabolic rate, which helps burn more calories. So do not forget about exercises and physical movements to tighten the sagging abdomen and get rid of the accumulated fat around the abdomen.

2- Drink hot water

Drinking hot water daily for two whole months helps to dissolve the accumulated fat around the abdomen. Hot water helps remove high calories. So you should drink a cup of hot water daily as soon as you wake up from sleep, and be sure to add lemon juice to it in order to help speed up the burning process.

3- Eat vegetables and fruits

To get rid of the problem of accumulation of fat around the abdominal area, you have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables help to lose weight and accumulate extra weight in the abdomen, as they contain a high level of vitamins and minerals to improve the burning process. Fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber contribute to getting rid of the fat, toxins and sagging skin in the body.

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