A diet to build your muscles

Many are reluctant to the club to do strength training and weight lifting in order to increase muscle mass, but this is a small part of the whole picture, so the diet is a key supplement to reach the desired goal, and there are some essentials required for this system, which are the following:

Eat protein

When lifting weights the muscles enter the stage of demolition, and then the body needs after the exercise to the proteins to recover these muscles, and before the workout the person must take the proteins with an element of carbohydrates, in order to give energy during the exercise, and help in the absorption of protein.

Eat fat-free foods

When eating protein, it is preferable to resort to those sources of low-fat such as; chicken and low-fat calf, soybeans, and beans, and to build muscle each person needs a large amount of calories, calculated according to the number of exercise days, as those who exercise three times a week need To 15 calories per half a kilo approximately, while those who train five times a week need 20 calories per half kilo, and this amount varies according to weight, length, age, and muscle mass for each person.

Divide the plate properly

To take advantage of the quality of the food that is eaten, this begins with what is placed on the person’s plate, and to make sure to pick the best, it is recommended to divide the plate as follows; so that one third of the dish is of low-protein proteins, the other third of fruits and vegetables, and the last of healthy carbohydrates such as grains Full.

Nutritional supplements

Many players resort to the use of nutritional supplements, but it must be noted that they are not harmful to health, and it must be known that it is called a supplement of vitamins and deficient minerals and not a substitute for them.

Foods rich in good proteins

It is preferable to select high-quality protein sources and absorption in the body, in order to ensure their absorption and benefit from them to build muscle, and the most important of these foods are:

  • eggs.
  • Tuna and salmon.
  • Chicken breast, turkey, and low-fat veal.
  • Greek rupee.
  • Soybeans, beans, and shrimp chickpeas.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Milk, many studies have shown that milk helps well in building muscle, and the cause remains unknown, and this is likely to be found in the protein contained in it, and that the calcium in milk helps in burning fat.
  • Peanuts and almonds.

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